Satur Farms - Grown in florida...not cutchogue

Cutchogue,New York

After realm many stories on the web about this company I did some research as a buyer for a food store. First you have to ask yourself why they have a truck depot in calverton.

Then go visit the 1980 operation they have in cutchogue and all the FDA recalls. Then ask yourself how they operate year round and you will find a Saturday farms in Florida. So how do they get away with putting cutchogue on the produce? Its easy..they start the plants in a greenhouse in cutchogue and ship the plants to Florida to finish growing..ship back to calverton...out to cutchogue to be cleaned and chilled...I checked with the town and they have no site plan for this operation...

its a wolf in sheep's clothes..I have since found out that Paulette Saturday was picked by the governor to be on the long island economic counsel which is a huge mistake. She wrote her own company a check....from the same council which should be investigated.

Satur Farms - Grown in Mexico


I have been buying from Paulette as she said everything she sell was fresh as local. Now going on my 3rd FDA recall I started wondering...

then I found a sticker from a farm in Mexico in my I now know why they have so many recalls... I did more research and found alot of very interesting stories on the web and will never buy from Satur Farms again.

Then I started thinking about it...its winter in New York how could she be growing in Cutchogue? They are liars and dont care about anyone but themselves...if you bring it to their attention they get nasty with you.

Monetary Loss: $198.

Satur Farms - Satur Farm - Distributors


Before you do business with this company in Cutchogue. web site,, and to finish it off that they import food from other regions!

So im paying for fresh localvegis and paying the price when they are grown in amother state or country. Good luck with that...the chill it from the trailers in a getto place. I went to visit and i heard a man yelling turn on the generator turn on the chiller.well what a show.

As soon as everyone left all heck broke loose. A smokey generator started up in the middle of 3 homes..forklifts with produce inl dirty open roads with mud thanks!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Satur farms..puke


Went to visit Paulette. SATURS farm.

Gross the neighbors can survive I don't know. They are everything but a farm.diesel smells...they were slamming pallets to make noise..something about hatithe neighbors. I could not they can torture the neighbors I enter know.they are of no farm I have purchased from on long island or would. The state should shut them down..accept Cuomo gave her a job on long island.him and Joe gergella from long island farm bureau suppers what can make him money.


Fork is screwed with Russell supervisor. I no why they call them Satan farms...

Satur Farms - Satur Distribution Center


I got a chance to go visit this business after viewing complaints. I was shocked!!

Food being sprayed down with hoses outisde...boxes of food left by the side of the road, boxes of food open being transported on a road. I would not eat anything that comes from any business from Satur. Upon further research I found that they are bringing this produce from Florida? How sanitary is that.

The workers dressed very dirty..... nothing natural about Satur Farm.

I would suggest any business on the North Fork actually research where the food is coming from... this place was not clean at all.

Satur Farms

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Please do not buy product frpm a company called Satur Farms. They import a large amount of what they sell from other states and even countries.i have read articles...they came from nyc to the North Fork.

He was charged with assault she said she grew up on a farm...yea a cattle and hey farm. They pollute with garbage and deisel trucks running all night long..garbage everwhere. Destroyed an intire nieghborhood in a few years...houses worth nothing after they got done. See and , decide.

Satur Farms had locations in 4.states.. But they are not a distribution center..they swear..



I get to pick up Satur farm garbage every day off my lawn...bad psople!!

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